Tampa Bay Comic Con

Light Up Owl Canvas!!

After I took this picture I realized I need to practice smiling cause I so thought I was!

So happy all the Potter fans liked my owl print.

This was by far one of my favorite shows so far. Well it was just my second show ever but still. The booth was smaller than my first table but also felt way more spacious and it seemed like the aisle had more room for the people to walk in. I worked hard to get all my light up canvases done for this show. It's an idea I had for a while but couldn't finish in time for MegaCon. SOOOOO Happy with how they turned out and that people actually liked them.

Thank you all that stopped by my table. It was fun chatting with some of you. No more shows for me this year, but I have a lot of awesome ideas to work on for the next show. Keep on the look out cause I'll be posting new work on my site as soon as I get it done. :)

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