My First Comic-Con show eva!! (MegaCon)

Hey why start with a small local con to ease myself into the con world. Nope I shoot for MEGACON. No biggie, there were only about 80,000 people that rolled thru during the 4-day jam packed event in Orlando Convention Center May 26th-29th. Though the set up and break down was a bit exhausting, overall the show was a ton of fun. I didn't have a whole wall of artwork like some of the others, but I was proud of what I was able to accomplish in a few short months. Most of the vendors were pro's in the Artist Alley world, and even those who were also doing their first show they had at least had a nice collection of artwork that they sell online over the years. But even though all brand spanking new my little table was an eye catcher.

I truly felt the love by so many. With over 300 Artist in the Artist Alley it was a lot for anyone to take in all in one day. And it took me a few tries to even find my own table when I went to the bathroom. Plus being table 306 down the 700 aisle was super confusing. So I imagine the customers frustration trying to find that funny owl drawing they liked amongst all these tables. I loved hearing fans say "OoohI need that in my life" And "Awww Owl always have your back, eek too many feels" Loved over hearing the joyous comments to my artwork. And what surprised me the most was the love for my original bots and Yeti. I almost sold out cause I didn't think they'd be that popular. I can't wait to work on some more stuff.

Overall AMAZING first show! Woot weep woot! And I'm all ready signed up for next year so I will be back MegaCon!!

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